Other courses take place in a specific location. Why is MatadorU only available online?


Our programs are only available online for several reasons. The first is simple: Our instructors and students live, work, and travel all over the world.

The second reason is subtle, but important: Working online — or “location-independent” — is itself standard practice for many travel writers and new media professionals in general. We wanted students not just to “learn” this but to actually immerse themselves in it. Participating in MatadorU becomes more than just “study” — it literally begins increasing your online visibility, relevance, and network.

The third reason MatadorU exists online as opposed to at a specific offline location is that it allows you to take part in an ongoing, open-ended community. Once you join, even if you’ve completed the course, you can still continue participating in the Student Union, interacting with colleagues, and using the resources to further network, promote, and advance in your career.

MatadorU does offer specific location-based workshops and events.  These are one-time events that focus on specific elements of writing, photography, or filmmaking.  To view upcoming offline workshops check out MatadorU’s event page.

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