What is the Matador Creators Community?


The Matador Creators Community is a place for anyone involved in digital media - regardless of skill level or experience - can come and interact with others with similar interests. If you're thinking about getting into the digital media world or are just beginning, you can ask questions to those who are more experienced. 

If you're a seasoned veteran in this world, it's time to give back to the community! Lend a hand to those who are looking for advice; share your knowledge and experience.

As a member you will also have access to the Marketplace, a leads board where you'll find postings for press trips, jobs, calls for submissions and collaborations, contests, scholarships, and more.

If at any time you want to level up your skills in writing, photography, or filmmaking, we also offer courses!

It's completely FREE to be a member. What do you have to lose?


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